Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Insta- Chicago

1. Made it to the Windy City!
2. First night out
3. Seeing some sights
4. Shopping at Michigan Ave
5. Relaxing sushi and wine night
6. Breakfast to start the day
7. roof top of corn cob buildings, Marina towers.
8. Drinks on the rooftop
9. New friend with Meg and Shelby
10. Enjoying the view!
11. Shelby getting photographed!
12. Megan posing for the camera!
13. My new bear coming with me everywhere
14. Getting ready to catch the bus home!

Trip to Chicago was so great! Thanks to my gal pals Megan and Shelby for an amazing time! Also to our fabulous host Mikel! We made so many memories and I cant wait to make more. I know there is so many pictures but I just couldn't edit down since they were all so great!



  1. Molly I love the skull shirt and the poncho in the last couple pictures!! Where did you get them? Love the blog I read it all the time keep it up!!


    1. The skull skirt was from Len at the Mall of America! and I got the poncho from a sample sale but the brand was Billabong! Thanks! :))